Dear Editor,

It has taken thirteen years to find a company that can accurately sample, test, diagnose and properly filter our well water. During this period we've had the five biggest water filtration companies in the area come to our house, make quick assessments (and sales), put thousands of dollars of equipment in, only to eventually fail. Sometimes we received a refund; sometimes we didn't. All shrugged their shoulders and were happy to have the opportunity to abandon the case if we complained too often about the systems not performing.

John Ryan, owner of Water Solutions of New Paltz, listened to the history, performed an extensive water test, and devised a chemical-free system of pumps and filters to remove minerals. For the first time since buying our home we have beautiful, clean, clear water. After installation, they phoned us and came back several times to make sure all was well and working at capacity.

In these times of environmental uncertainties, it is prudent to know what is and isn't in your water, and what, in reality, can be done to change that for you and your children's benefit.

At last we feel confident enough to trust someone. The best word to describe someone as sincere and reliable as we have found Water Solutions to be is: Integrity.

Kristine & Stephen Schemitsch
Stone Ridge    

March 3, 2003


This note is long overdue. How can we ever thank you for all you have done to correct our sulfur water problem! No more smell, no more discoloration, no more chlorine, no more soft water.

Your concern for details, your knowledge of water and your business ethics are at the highest standards. Having worked with other "professionals" in your industry, we are able to spot the difference. We can only say many thanks and wish you all the best in your future business endeavors.

We have and will continue to recommend you and your company.

Best regards, Betsy and Howard 
Stone Ridge, New York