What is included in your free analysis?
    Our free water analysis will test for hardness, iron, pH, chlorine, TDS (total dissolved solids) manganese and sulfur, (or hydrogen sulfide). If you have an existing filter system, we will also check that it is working properly.
What else can you test for?
    We offer testing services for just about any contaminant, including things like pesticides; MTBE; lead, mercury, and other heavy metals; and chemicals. We will come to your home or business to take the sample for you.
Are your systems guaranteed?
   Every system comes with both a guarantee from Water Solutions and a warranty from its manufacturer. To view the Water Solutions 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, click here. Manufacturer warranties vary from one to ten years, depending on the unit and manufacturer.
How often should my system be serviced?
    Different systems require different service schedules, but most systems should at least be checked or serviced once per year, especially UV lights and reverse osmosis systems.
What is a backwash/regeneration?
    Most filter tanks or softeners need to clean themselves out after a period of time ranging from 2 days to several weeks, depending on the system. This is referred to as backwashing or regenerating. The process takes place during a time when no one in the home or business is using water - usually midnight or 2am. At this time,
the accumulated sediment and filter load is backwashed out of the filter through a tube installed for this purpose, which leads to a drywell or septic/sewage
system. After this process, the filter tank or softener is restored to a cleaner state, and is ready for more service.
How do I set my clock?
    Tanks that need to backwash are usually equipped with a clock that dictates when the backwashing will take place (see question 5). In the event of a loss of power, these clocks will need to be reset to reflect the CORRECT CURRENT TIME OF DAY. Instructions on how to reset the clock are either on the clock face or in your owners manual. Always set clocks for the TIME OF DAY, NOT the time that the tank should back wash.   
How do I shock my well?
    For proper well shocking procedures, please contact your local Board of Health Department or download instructions @ http://www.umext.maine.edu/waterquality/publications/7115.htm