Big Blue Housings are our favorite cartridge housings: tough and long lasting, large enough to keep high flow rates, and they stand up to whatever water throws at them! Attractive blue sumps and black tops, the Big Blue comes in 10” or 20” long sizes, and with a red pressure relieving button for easy opening.

Big Blue manufacturer brochure [PDF]


The Nanoceram cartridge is an amazing piece of filtration, developed by the Argonide Corporation for NASA. The filter has the flow rate of a 3 micron filter, but with filtration down to .2 microns. This allows it to remove or reduce things as small as bacteria, and many colloids, like colloidal clay, a major water contaminant in this area. Installing a Nanoceram can make your ultraviolet or reverse osmosis system perform much better, and require less maintenance. The NanoCeram is available in Big Blue or standard cartridge sizes.

NanoCeram manufacturer brochure [PDF]

Pentek Cartridges

Pentek cartridges are top of the line in quality and performance. We are happy to offer the Pentek line, and regularly stock several types to fit the Big Blue, or standard housings in both 10 and 20 inch varieties.

Pentek EPM Series manufacturer brochure [PDF]

Pentek GAC Series manufacturer brochure [PDF]

Pentek DGD Series manufacturer brochure [PDF]

Pentek CW Series manufacturer brochure [PDF]