For the highest purity drinking water, reverse osmosis systems are among the most effective systems on the market today, capable of reducing or removing over a hundred different contaminants, including heavy metals, chemicals, salts, TDS, and even bacteria. The SQC, (Sanitary Quick Change), is a quality reverse osmosis system that comes with a 10 year factory warranty. Unlike many cheaper systems, the SQC employs a revolutionary sealed cartridge design that reduces the chances of contamination during regular maintenance. The SQC III is capable producing 22 gallons per day of high quality drinking water, rivaling the purity of bottled water. The SQC Pro model, which is a pump-assisted model, can produce up to 40 gallons per day. They can be hooked up to icemakers and water dispensers on refrigerator doors as well.

SQC Reverse Osmosis Filtration System manufacturer brochure [PDF]