By far our biggest seller, the Ironbreaker III is a powerhouse filtration unit with several improvements over its competitors. This aeration system is capable of treating high levels of iron and sulfur, and can also be configured to remove manganese, adjust the water’s ph, or to handle all four problems at once, depending on the needs of each individual household. This low maintenance filtration unit service schedule can range from once a year to, amazingly, once a decade! The chemical free technology adds no dangerous chemicals to your drinking water, or to your septic, as some systems do. The design of the Ironbreaker III allows it to be installed in spaces much too small for chemical-injection systems, often requiring only a 10 inch circle of floor space. The Iron Breaker III is definitely one of our favorite aeration systems!

Iron Breaker III manufacturer brochure [PDF]


The Aer-Max system is another high performance aeration system in our line of chemical-free sulfur and iron filtration systems, providing many of the same features and water quality as our other aeration systems, but with a few differences. The Aer-Max system utilizes an initial aerating tank, which uses an air pump to inject air into the passing water, followed by a filtration tank. This system can accommodate the larger flow rates needed for large buildings, and it can also be set up with twin alternating filter tanks, to provide 24-hour a day filtration, as opposed to the 23-hour a day filtration available from single filter systems.

Aer-Max manufacturer brochure [PDF]